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Cthulhu saves the world is entirely mediocre, both in terms of gameplay and humor, and I'll never understand how it came to gain the popularity it did.

I've sort of come to accept that I'll most likely be playing TF2 for the rest of my life.

Most games I've played before I'd liked periodically, even ones I sunk an untold amount of hours into like League of Legends or the various Call of Dutys. But I've been playing TF2 for something like 4 or 5 years now and I can't see myself growing tired of it anytime soon. It just feels like there's always more that can be done.

I just wish I'd fallen in love with a better game, tbh.

One of the many reasons I hate the winter: It always makes it so much harder for me to train.

Who in their sane mind would want to, first thing in the morning, roll out of their warm, cozy bed and onto the cold floor so that they can do push-ups?

Like I understand if you can't afford financially - we live in a society that doesn't provide financial stability or reliability to its citizens. There's other ways you can help with projects!

* Bug reporting
* Writing content about them and your experience <> reviews
* Translations

Some projects highlight how you can help in these capacities on their sites. If not, def reach out to the developer and ask them about it (if you feel comfortable + capable to)

Warning: Boxing footage. 

If I can make a suggestion, I personally wouldn't be against the general umbrella term of "martial arts".

@kensanata @aminb @carbontwelve @Thepunkgeek @ChangelingRandy

Also, movement being turned into a high commitment option, alongside the buff to combos and nerf to defensive moves? Absolutely brilliant. We'll have to see exactly where it goes and how it shapes high level play, but right now it motivates players to look for that first hit and that's just what the game needs.

This way competitive players still get a variety of options that allow them to develope a unique playstyle through which they can express themselves, all while not making the mechanical requirements necessary for high-level play too intimidating for new and casual players. After all, dashing and short-hopping aren't hard to pull off, it's just a matter of knowing how to use them effectively.

SSBU has, in my opinion, the best underlying design philosophy of any Smash game so far. Sakurai seems to have finally made peace with the highly technical nature inherent to fighting games, and rather than trying to stifle it he simply took steps to make it more accessible: Things like wavedashing or l-canceling aren't there, but not because they're "weird"; because the movement is now more linear, and attacks are faster without any arbitrary input requirements.

The new era of minimalistic web design has been a blessing for me, because I suck big fat donkey dick at writing CSS—so now I get to design the most barebones webpages and if anyone asks me why they're so simple I just say that's my ~aesthetique~

we spent years doing all these weird tricks to have drop shadows in web pages only to get them built-in yet now have this decade of flat design. smdh.

@aminb As an addition, would it be too bothersome to create a Boxing category too? I talk about that plenty, and I'd like to find more people here who do too :)

How do I get in there, and how do I become the first ambassador for boxing in this site? 🥊

The "who to follow" page on Mastalab has a section for single-board computers but not one for sports and I think that says all you need to know about this site's general audience.

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