I'm all here to dunk on ProJared, but seeing people making fun of him in birdsite? High-key reigniting some big insecurities I had about my body.

Thoughts after my first BJJ class:

- Incredibly fun
- Nice to be able to practice with people from the get-go
- Much less tiring/physically demanding than your average boxing class

I'd say I recommend anyone who's hesitant about martial arts to give BJJ a shot, but it's also very complex and intimidating, and I do feel like someone who wants to see measurable progress would probably fare better with a striking art.

In retrospect, it was rather ignorant of me to go as far as to call Mexico "a shithole", or to say the US is "literally what I imagine he'll to be like, but real."

The reality of the situation is that all of society sucks, and I'm making it my life's goal to move to a tiny cabin in the mountains, where I can practice martial arts in peace.

Good thing about having a desk job is that a lot of the code I'm writing I can later recycle to use in my games. So I'm low-key developing games while on the clock :D

six word horror story 

A well thrown left hook is a thing of beauty, and Óscar Valdez is a masterclass at them. CW for a brutal knockdown. 

Muhamad Ali at his prime made all of his opponents look absolutely clueless in the ring.

Me: I am supremely confident and an unshakable warrior.

*A cute girl adds me on Discord*

Me: uwu hi

@seldo As a little kid who grew up when this industry was still booming and maybe lost his allowance once or twice to it, this was a fascinating read. Thank you.

Some day somebody is going to realize that for a year in my early career I worked at a company that sold ring tones and phone wallpapers so let me be up front that my whole "ethics in tech" thing is clearly something I evolved to later in life.

Mage players are nerds. I was born with two fists and was too busy fucking to learn how to read.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Remember, we train martial arts so that we're able to suplex bigoted family members if they start talking shit!

@SarcasmKid@niu.moe Flashbacks to seeing these kind of quotes unironically posted to facebook circa 2010.

hot media take 

(In case it's not obvious, I'm going through my Steam library trying to find games to play, so expect a lot of these kinds of tweets in the coming days.)

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"Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight" provides one of the most authentic Metroid-esque experiences in recent memory, while still remaining creative and innovative enough to maintain an identity of its own. It's a fantastic game I can't wait to play more of, and it makes me sad it so often gets spoken over in "best Indie game" discussions.

I tried to play it again after having abandoned it a long time ago and now I remember why I stopped playing in the first place. The game is amongst the most boring JRPG-types I've ever experienced. And the 2012-Newgrounds tier jokes don't help it a lot.

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