SSBU has, in my opinion, the best underlying design philosophy of any Smash game so far. Sakurai seems to have finally made peace with the highly technical nature inherent to fighting games, and rather than trying to stifle it he simply took steps to make it more accessible: Things like wavedashing or l-canceling aren't there, but not because they're "weird"; because the movement is now more linear, and attacks are faster without any arbitrary input requirements.


This way competitive players still get a variety of options that allow them to develope a unique playstyle through which they can express themselves, all while not making the mechanical requirements necessary for high-level play too intimidating for new and casual players. After all, dashing and short-hopping aren't hard to pull off, it's just a matter of knowing how to use them effectively.

Also, movement being turned into a high commitment option, alongside the buff to combos and nerf to defensive moves? Absolutely brilliant. We'll have to see exactly where it goes and how it shapes high level play, but right now it motivates players to look for that first hit and that's just what the game needs.

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