Some more #PMD inspired #Digimon doodles with a Gomamon and Motimon partnership. They get a rougher start than most...

philosopher translates to lover of knowledge, basically all philosophers are sapiosexuals

yall know the beginning of bloodborne when you get the blood transfusion and then a bunch of little dudes just start appearing around the bed and looking all scary at you? thats sleep paralysis. that is exactly what sleep paralysis is

hey, i ran away from a very fucking abusive home early last year, and thankfully my grandmother took me in. however i'm still not doing well and i'm really goddamn disabled, and want to eventually move out of this cockroach-infested apartment and live w/ dave. if you could donate even just like a few bucks a month, that'd be amazing. my paypal link is under the cut.

if you have any more questions or any other kind of support btw, please feel free to hit me up.

*sees something bad* wow! i think it's time to read the bibble

sexuality is not a choice but if it was i’d still be a lesbian because it fucking rules

I.. didn't think this was an actual porn instance thingy. anyway I'm new and if anyone knows landscape servers pls lemme know.
this is the type of stuff i draw owo

[at my gamer funeral]
my pocket medic, standing over the hearse: ok. this ... is not epic

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