today, I felt that I'm drifting away form on of biggest dreams in life. It is so disappointing, but I need to do some readjustment and follow my dreams

Have a look at the past and what you've done so far. You'd see that you already made it. Take a rest. You're not a robot.

Who do you wanna keep satisfied or prove yourself to? I wonder if it is only you. Think about it.

@eXtrem0us I see what you mean, but one of my dreams in to contribute to science a to a minimum of a certain degree. It's been a life long dream of mine, but 20 years later I'm doing only amateur physics and math and spend my day dealing with arrogant yet ignorant software engs which doesn't have any impact on the world

You won't change the situation with this attitude man. You should decide on risk on something… give yourself time to examine the pros and cons of each of your decisions. Make a plan… and fly.
I did it 12 years ago and I made it. Sometimes you should change the ways. But the goal is unchangeable.
Now I should make a new one 😁

@eXtrem0us 😂 I'm not like that though, I'm working on it for 20 years more or less, but some times you need to make new adjustments, if something is on the way blocking the path to what you want you have to make changes

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