A hill I'll die on tonight: "Who Moved My Cheese?" is an under-appreciated book on dealing with change. It suffered from being associated with the "One Minute Manager" series.

@dws Not my hill. Not my mice.

I found it overwrought and under-messaged.

And the fact that it was given to everyone in the IT department when a new CIO was hired made it clear that it was a threat. From what I hear, it was used as a threat in many corporate environments.

Funny enough, I couldn't get that CIO to read all the way through Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (and I never got the book back). She was still looking for cheese in the old places.

@gdinwiddie That it was used as a weapon was unfortunate. I've not seen much in the way of short messaging to help people frame their experience when they're on the receiving end of change that they didn't sign up for and didn't see coming.

@dws Using a metaphor of mice in a maze being manipulated by unseen hands is unfortunate.

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