Two interrupted nights of sleep, and, quelle surprise, today was a disaster for coding. Even reading code was a challenge.

Give this short classical piece a listen, and see if you can spot which science fiction franchise's theme it inspired.

Any day that includes reaching for The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America has the potential to be a good day. Hello, Nuttall's Woodpecker.

Whoever picks the music for Volkswagen commercial deserves some props.

A misleading log message from a refactoring, but cost some time investigating a dead end.

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Teammate said, "I want you to take a look at a piece of code," and I mentally queued up, "What idiot wrote that?," and "Oh, hah, it was me!" And, dear reader, I got to say both!

Living just high enough up a gradual slope in the Santa Clara Valley, the only damage we've had from the storms hitting California has been a few downed tree limbs. A long walk from here, trees down, power lines down, and some flooding. Farther out than that, and this

This is a fabulous find - one of the 16mm instructional films for programmers produced by Ethnotech has been uploaded to Youtube. It was released in 1975, but Its advice about refactoring is still relevant today.

#jerryweinberg #refactoring

"Once you eliminate your number one problem, number two gets a promotion.” -- Gerald M. Weinberg, "The Secrets of Consulting"

I miss Jerry, and am thankful that he left a large body of wisdom.

Idly wondering how many bitcoin mining rigs have been repurposed to crack leaked LastPass vaults.

2022 keeps delivering. With two hour left, I learn of a new (to me) PiPy supply chain attack, based on precedence. Oh dear.

Inbox 23, but clearing those 23 is going to take more time than is left in the year.

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Debugging a problem with S3 (presigned URLS) that looks like we're outrunning eventual consistency. Reminded of the time a decade ago that we got faster desktops and tests started breaking because MSSQL would round timestamp fields to the nearest 1/200th of second, where the nearest might be in the future. Before the faster desktops, we never noticed.

Inbox 713, 4 days left in the year, and a fresh bag of coffee beans. Game on.

I sense there was an implied, ", old man" at the end of her response.

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Proud Dad moment: Asked my daughter, who's home for the holidays, if her education had included a lesson on plunging clogged toilets. Her: "Yes, need me to do one for you?"

Looking at the wave warnings for the Great Lakes, and imagining Gordon Lightfoot setting his acoustic guitar down, strapping on Strat, and cranking the Marshall up to 11.

OH near my local coffee shop. Two teens:

"All chicken isn't Halal."
"It's the sauce."

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