Andor walked a very thin line between ACAB and "what if my large adult cop son had drip?"

Every once in a while I like to ask this question: what's good in the world right now? What's giving you hope?

We must consider Sisyphus to be at inbox zero

Getting back in touch with people around Christmas time like: I'm sorry I haven't been in touch there was a huge catastrophic world-changing event about 3 years ago and I'm still dealing with it, anyway are we still friends?

Tired: Die Hard is a Christmas movie.
Inspired: Home Alone is a Die Hard movie.
Consider the evidence - Happens at Christmas; abandoned by a family member; trapped in a confined space; main character has a horrifying capacity for violence...

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As many people know, I'm out of work due to Parkinson's and Long Covid. Social Security is not coming through, so a big Winter Fundraiser is here to help me get through another Polish winter. #fundraiser #mutualaid

Really looking forward to my Spotify Wrapped this year...

Spotify really needs a "this is the fourth time you've listened to that Mountain Goats song, are you doing okay ?" mode

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Remember it's that time of year where you have to game all your Spotify stats in order to hide how embarrassed you are by your favourite music...

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Many things about about Deep Space 9 have aged very well. Dr Bashir's disregard for any kind of medical ethics when it comes to making out with his own patients isn't one of them.

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fall themed cross stitch pattern: leaves, acorns and such. text: my favorite season is the fall of the patriarchy

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Finally watched the end of Andor - it was pretty good. I really liked the fact that most of the heroism in the show was ordinary people trying to do their best in very difficult circumstances

So much of the works of William Gibson are basically "what if a rich guy was a total freak"

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Re-tooting this to raise awareness about the wide world of the Fediverse

You can also use:
PeerTube (YouTube alternative)
OwnCast (Streaming platform)
Plume (Collaborative Writing)
Lemmy (Link aggregator)
Zap (Facebook like social website)
Reel2Bits (Podcast, Music sharing)
OLKi (Science publish/gateway)
Anfora (Photo Gallery)
Flocking Bird (Professional Social Network)
Castopod (Podcasting)
Funkwhale (Music sharing)
Pixelfed (Image sharing)

And many more ...


Was Star Trek always like this, and I've just forgotten?

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I'm continuing my Deep Space 9 rewatch - I'd forgotten the incredible levels of mood-whiplash in this show. So many episodes focus on deep moral compromises and the slow erasure of ethical boundaries, only to be followed up by like a goofy episode where Quark's mum falls in love or something...

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