OK, looks like my old instance no longer exists, so I’m back on this one. Hello. mastodon.cloud/media/TrcYkqAs-

@seb_ly@mastodon.social well I’m really really late on this so why not

Mad Max but for Mastodon instances. 

We can call it Mad Mastodon. Or Mastodon Max.

I bought like 5 Paul Jackson books this week so I guess I’m an origami guy now.

me: man I’m so burnt out
also me: takes on curating thing, plans more kickstarters, has slew of things I need to learn. and my actual job.

@ableparris I’ve seen some people talking about them, but haven’t seen anything yet.

I’m doing a framed print giveaway with the folks at Ello. All you need to do to be entered to win is leave a comment on this post: ello.co/dvs/post/ffj3llqkwmsct

Been really digging this Kadenze class. A little dry at some times, but a really great overview of the theories behind generative art. kadenze.com/courses/generative

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