Been working on a color recovery machine learning model. I’m surprised how well Pix2PixHD is working (obviously looking at test set data so caveats there). First image is input, faded print. Second is the output from PIx2PixHD. 3rd is ground truth (what is should look like)

Mixing tri-x photography with Wassily Kandinsky. Some will say its just cut and paste collage

OK, looks like my old instance no longer exists, so I’m back on this one. Hello.

Mad Max but for Mastodon instances. 

We can call it Mad Mastodon. Or Mastodon Max.

I bought like 5 Paul Jackson books this week so I guess I’m an origami guy now.

me: man I’m so burnt out
also me: takes on curating thing, plans more kickstarters, has slew of things I need to learn. and my actual job.

I’m doing a framed print giveaway with the folks at Ello. All you need to do to be entered to win is leave a comment on this post:

Been really digging this Kadenze class. A little dry at some times, but a really great overview of the theories behind generative art.

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