Remember in the 90s, when teens were more tech savvy than adults, and everyone assumed that the savviest would just keep getting younger? Now it's 2017, and the people who were teens in the 90s are the most tech savvy generation and probably will be until they die.

Kids don't grow up with computers any more, they grow up with iPhones. If it's possible to learn to code on an iPhone, it's despite Apple's best efforts.

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This is so fucking easy. Is what your making going to cause more harm than good? Then don't fucking do it! If you do it knowing it will hurt people you're saying "I'm willing to throw marginalized people under the bus pointlessly."

It's Mayday, does anyone know the state of unions in IT? Looking for resources to understand why there doesn't seem to be any.

What's your opinion on the Nintendo 3/2DS's? Are they worth getting at least for the virtual console?

The Crisis of Attention Theft 

@nolan oooh this is very interesting

The Crisis of Attention Theft 

@nolan @halkeye I should really watch Black Mirror so I understand all these references that are floating around

I started a list of Clojure/ClojureScript peeps on the fediverse, so we can find each other. Please add yourself or your friends!

#clojure #clojurescript #clj #cljs #lisp

Hi all!
I'm officially a free agent! If you're looking for a backend or full stack dev, let me know! My experience is primarily Ruby & Rails, but mostly I care about making stuff that solves real problems with awesome people who are empathetic and empowered. Let me know if that's your company!

Name two George's you do not want getting their hands on your favorite characters!

Okay, I saw an article today on Delta offering up to $10K for overbooked flights, does anyone know what the Tax implications on that are?

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