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@TheAdmin Yep i've seen a few following people on and figured it must be the other side.

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@dubnukem that was basically my point... the federated timeline is "fun" for now, but if/when the rate of tooting gets high enough, it will be impossible to follow.

@chris_martin last time I tried atom the performance wasn't perfect yet. But I suppose it's worth another try!

@IDF it was useful when it was still small though. I think it's useful on mastodon for now, since I don't know anyone here.

@aprrrl straight white male here. I agree with that opinion 😻

@chris_martin @leo Fira Code over here too. Though it sucks Sublime doesn't support the ligatures..

@deagle @bob something like the blockchain could be used to keep track of registered usernames and would be unmodifiable and easily shared.

@Luclu7 @Gargron it was probably stuck in some queue and he just fixed that bug 🤔

@clarissawam thanks! I never paid enough attention to French at school 😭

@clarissawam uh-oh. Still, the federated view is way more English speaking people as far as I can tell.

Alright let's get this hashtag going. #🍺

@amos absolutely! Makes me want to share a pic of the beer I'm enjoying right now 😜

Moved between mastodon instances because my previous one was mostly French people. I'm not good at French.

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