That's the downside of living downtown; bars everywhere.

Weather is super nice over here. Time to go join the hordes of people and go drink some beers in the sun.

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mom: hey son I joined this new Mastodon thing
me: oh shit mom, I coulda helped you find a server, which one did you choose?
mom: well I liked the privacy policy on but then had the shortest ping latency so

@pete @munin @randomgeek I definitely understand that reasoning. But there should be a better fix than that. Like having a second "read only" account on a bigger instance.

@XiongShui 1 is already too much. But i suppose there's no stopping in crazy people doing idiotic things like that. Especially if it turns out it was some loner again.

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Oh god the Mashable headline is quite something

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@jk Hi! I modded your @usercount bot to count the total from


Thank you for the original! It was an important part of a very exciting weekend, and I wanted the excitement to go on :)

@TheAdmin Hmm, still seeing quite a few 500 errors from different servers now. I follow an admin from a different instance and saw this bug mentioned: Could this be the issue here?

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