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Ultimately Mastodon's killer feature is that it's a public good that someone built because they thought it needed to exist and not a startup someone built because they wanted to get rich quick selling other people's data.

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This literature clock is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Checking the time becomes a moment of pure joy 😍


"Even if the project had gone forward, a decade of planning and feedback-gathering to redesign a single street is, in itself, a failure."


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OMG. This is definitely the queer joy I needed.

2 women in a French old people's home got married after being closeted for ages😍😭

That day, during the meal, we were talking about gay marriage. And Liliane and Andrée came to ask us if it was actually possible to do that in real life. They had thought that same-sex marriage was only possible on TV. … We told them it was possible. And a few minutes later, Andrée proposed to Liliane in front of us.
""" (My translation)


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I'm so old I remember that both the US and the UK used to tax very high incomes at 90%. AFTER you made a bunch of money THE REST was taxed a lot. If you make $1 billion you "only" take home $100 million.

How MANY problems do we have now with billionaires screwing up both countries, and the rest of the people struggling?

So don't tell me about solutions until you raise top tax rates back where they should be in a democracy.

The POINT of top tax rates is redistribution.

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The flight of NASA's Artemis (purple) uses two very close encounters with the moon's gravity (green) to changes its trajectory to get back to the earth (blue.) Amazing.

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C/W Gun Violence 

The way they’re framing the number of deaths in tonight’s mass shooting is a way of inducing increased tolerance for gun deaths. Please be mindful of this.

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Great new site from the Education Futures Studio, led by Kal Gulson, Teresa Swist and Kevin Witzenberger

"We advance interdisciplinary collaborations across the humanities, social sciences and computer sciences that explore links between education, emerging technologies, policy, learning, and research"

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The gist: The Colorado Springs gunman threatened his own mom with a homemade bomb, got the entire neighborhood evacuated, and there’s no evidence that police ever formally pursued charges. His records are sealed. So the state’s Red Flag Law didn’t apply, and he was allowed to have a gun, which he used to carry out a massacre last weekend.

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I just published my first Substack piece about the Colorado Springs gunman’s history of domestic violence — part of a clear pattern linking violent misogyny to mass shootings. Two-thirds of mass shootings are linked to DV, and we’re still ignoring it.

I also talk about the merging of extremist movements and the heteropatriarchy that links them together.

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The first black child ever allowed to attend a white school is only 68 years old now.
White parents pulled their children from school. White teachers refused to teach her.
Ruby Bridges now works as an activist & public speaker
This wasn’t a million years ago. /1

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Important new online, open access essay collection on Education Data Futures with a range of critical, regulatory and practical reflections

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Tonight I saw @Dahlialith &
@BarbMcQuade on the Leak Of SCOTUS Decisions.

Just wanting to chime in that it's not the "appearance of corruption" that's the problem - it's the massive endless overwhelming corruption.

The corruption is real, not just a perception. That's why there is so much money devoted to it.

The single reason these people aren't in jail is because they make the laws.

America's legal system is absolutely, root & stem, corrupt.


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Got out of bed early to check on #ArtemisI and saw the feed just as Earth ducked behind the moon. About ten minutes now until the rockets burn to adjust into a lunar orbit.

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I’m a civil rights lawyer. I don’t want to practice before a Court that’s compromised. I want a fair Court. Expansion would make this particular Court more ideologically balanced. Agree. But w/o a real, enforced ethics infrastructure, there will be 18 justices not fully disclosing financials, not compelled to recuse, praying in chambers w/their own faith leaders, going on trips w/groups filing briefs in cases before them, owning stock in indiv companies whose interests are before the Court.

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I have a request.

Bad actors will soon figure out - if they haven't already - that setting up impersonations of important organizations now will allow them to set off an explosion of chaos and confusion at a time of their choosing.

So if you run an account for an organization (especially #LGBTQ), please set up link verification between your Mastodon account profile and your organization's website.

If not, please boost.

Instructions are here under "Link Verification":

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