Long after the humans in the party had passed out, the elf and the dwarf continued drinking.
"They're so weak," the dwarf said.
"So shortlived," the elf said.
"And yet..."
"I envy them."
"Me too. They can change who they are."
"They can change their society."
"Same thing."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Every day is a good day to thank a Veteran for their service.

Today is #VeteransDay so please take a moment to honor all of those who have served the country.

Somebody has been calling the Triskelion.
From Joe Biden 4:50 PM:
“Keep faith in the process and in each other. Together, we will win this.“

"Biden is up 10% nationally" is a way of saying "Putin is only down 10% nationally"

Replace Putin with your preferred fascist or fascist wanna be or otherwise totally incompetent person

@TonyStark We've all got to show we care about women and marginalized communities and everyone who's going to suffer under this unprecedented imbalance of power in the SCOTUS. We've got to vote for Democrats at every level, because no Republican cares about any of us. We've got to help people vote, whether it means giving them a ride, showing up to be a poll defender, or just asking what they need and doing our best. We have to care about what happens to each other.

Avengers Assemble to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win. Donate now. 👊💥💯 It’s happening tonight, October 20, @ 6:45, EDT, with Kamala and members of the Avengers cast, plus the Russo brothers! YEAH! Grassroots Fundraiser!🇺🇸


It was well worth the donation.

There's an opportunity to end the Trump administration and start the hard work of getting this country moving towards working for it's people. Show up and vote. #BidenHarris2020

// Make sure you are registered and .Time is almost up. TOGETHERWEARESTRONGER @TonyStark @AgentCarter_SSR@resistance. @GlennGriffin8

Here’s a long-distance dedication to the tax-dodging grifter who has turned his occupation of the White House into a moneymaking scheme: Pink Floyd’s “Money,” which was released in 1973 but feels today like it could’ve been written about Trump. #SongOfTheDay

// @AgentCarter_SSR @GlennGriffin8 @TonyStark We mourn the passing of Justice Ginsburg at this time....and continue the fight she would want us to. She was an honorable woman who used her power for good.

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