David Remnick's decision to interview Steve Bannon as a headliner for the New Yorker Festival is a vulgar calumny against journalism. There is literally nothing new that can be learned about this dangerous white supremacist. This shameful effort at publicity not only besmirches the New Yorker's reputation, but it is a pretty strong indication that Remnick must leave the magazine pronto.

Wow, have three days transpired since I was last here? I had no idea. But this is probably a good thing. I suspect this is why Mastodon is probably better than Twitter. The setup doesn't involve seeking a dopamine hit of outrage. It involves stepping in when you feel like it.

The bird place isn't just a terrible investment of your time. It's also a terrible investment for any stockholder. Even if you invested in Twitter near the beginning of 2017, one year later, the stock is too volatile for its own good, killing off its gains because of its wildly incompetent management. Frankly it amazes me that Jack Dorsey has remained CEO for so long. Even Mark Cuban cashed out his Twitter stock two weeks ago.

RIP Neil Simon. He meant the world to me and helped teach me how to write dialogue. A celebratory monologue from THE ODD COUPLE.

Frostride's cover of "One Night in Bangkok" is arguably the most hilarious reimagining of the song ever -- in part because this is the version that nobody ever anticipated. I only stumbled across this because I appear to have fallen down a Björn Ulvaeus/Benny Anderson rabbit hole. Which of course means revisiting CHESS.

David Foster Wallace's 2000 journalistic dive into John McCain (linked below) is a good place to start if you want to unpack the man's conflicted nature. As a man of the left, I had mixed feelings about McCain, but he did operate with a kind of honor and decency that is now almost completely foreign and absent within the Republican Party. So RIP.

A strange fact that I learned tonight. You are more likely to die by car than by skydiving. Only 8 in a million skydivers die. (bostonglobe.com/2014/09/30/how)

Meanwhile, the death rate for cars is 10.7 per 100,000 people. (cars.com/articles/are-the-odds)

I'm wondering if more people should commute to work by skydiving. After all, it seems to be the safer form of travel.

Four straight days of recording -- and it's all solid gold. I'm very lucky to have such a dedicated and fun cast!

I don't know if anyone has used the tag yet. But I'll happily be the virgin here!

This is the best cover of "Apple Scruffs" on the Internet. Not only is it an impressive performance (most people can't pull off the harmonica), but it features puppets as a backup chorus. Billie Amit also has a few other videos on her channel. But it's truly disheartening that she didn't carry on in this promising direction!

In other news, I have tried out the social karaoke app Smule, which you can download at the below link. I sang a variety of songs. The algorithm reacted by showering me with tricky showtune options. And now I have been flooded with duet invites. As a boy, I used to sing all the time. In recent years, I've been trying to learn if I still have a singing voice. A karaoke bar where I am a regular seems to love me. But perhaps it's best to remain willfully oblivious!

There's a fine line sometimes between being nice and being taken advantage of. I'm presently in a situation where I tolerated bad behavior from someone and I feel very bad about it. I feel bad because I don't want to feel negative towards people. I want to believe the best in them! I suspect this moral dilemma is comparable to why so many of us fled Dorsey's den of malodorous Nazi iniquity. Get to understand and respect others and you always find the beauty in people. Then magical things happen!

Good evening. I am testing out Mastodon to see if it is indeed the marvelous alternative to the birdbrain realm.


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