@GwenfarsGarden Depends on your definition of "minimal spoons", but options include:

Quick breads; pancakes, flatbreads, biscuits, and rolls.

No-knead breads. Some of these require some planning (especially sourdoughs), but the results really are fantastic. At my 4th loaf (in the past week), mine are coming together.

Bread makers. Add ingedients, push button, get results.

I find the process meditative and relaxing. YMMV.

Tons of websites & videos.

It seems everyone is making their own bread lately. Is there, such thing as a really REALLY simple bread, using minimal spoons (energy)?

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#2287 "Pathogen Resistance" 

#2287 "Pathogen Resistance" 

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Remember when Amazon first launched and started putting bookstores out of business? People would look at books at a physical bookstore and then choose to buy the book through Amazon instead.

I realized I've started kind of doing the opposite. I check out reviews on Amazon and then I buy the product either directly from the manufacturer or from a more ethical retail site (shout out to London Drugs if you're Canadian).

How's it feel, Amazon?

A wee reminder to the folks diving into Zoom, Slack and other "free" proprietary services... remember, they can & do change their terms at their whim, suddenly. If you build systems around these tools, realise you'll eventually have to pay through the nose or work out how to bear the pain of changing your systems to a more cost-effective option in future. I can guarantee it.


Yelp alledgedly creating GoFundMe's on behalf of businesses listed on their website to collect "donations" during the Coronavirus crisis. The business i question are not told that this is happening.

Collecting "donations" on someone else's behalf without their permission and without telling them is one of the most reprehensible, shady business tactics that happens *all the time*. Brave browser, BountySource, and Gitcoin are all guilty of this, too. The money just accumulates and they scrape their fee off the top, and who's going to notice if the money just slips off into their bank account after a few years of going unclaimed. Absolute scum of the earth, these folks.

@woozle Vim wants a word ;-)

(Though, thinking about it, gvim does not do this.)

Abolish copyright.

You can charge for material things - paper, ink, packaging material, the time of the workers to prepare it. You can even charge for bandwidth, server upkeep, and electricity. But information has no material cost and therefore cannot be sold.

Exercise civil disobedience: it's your obligiation as a good citizen to be a pirate. We can negotiate again when they change the law to make copyrighted works enter the public domain within our lifetimes.



@kensanata I'm still figuring out the sourdough bread process (most recent loaf is respectable, though could have more rise). Details MATTER.

I'll share the better recipies/videos after I sort through them again. Most "no-knead" techniques, based on a feed, autolyse, leaven, stretch & fold, rough-shaping, dough tensioning, and dutch-oven bake seem to work best.

I also need a scale & bench scraper.

@kensanata Yes.

Recipe I followed called for adding 1 cup (about 125g) of flour & 1/2 cup (250ml) water. That adds up quickly.

I started baking with it pretty much immediately. -- sourdough pancakes, rolls, and just frying. up straight sourdough, maybe with a pinch of salt or baking powder as leaven, for savory pancakes. And test loaves.

A smaller initial feed gives a less rapid growth, maybe half or 1/4 what I give above.

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