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text of image follows:

black publishing power.

To demonstrate our power and clout in the publishing industry, Sunday June 14 - Saturday June 20, we encourage you to purchase any two books by Black writers.

Our goal is to Blackout bestseller lists with Black voices.

#BlackoutBestsellerlist #Blackpublishingpower


1939: software doesn't exist
1949: software is limited
1959: software improves because faulty software costs a LOT of money
1979: software might start costing less, even faulty software
1989: we still care about optimized software, but say yer prayers, varmint.
1999: results of "it compiles; SHIP IT"
2009-: "stop being a cheap-ass; just buy more RAM, a faster CPU, a larger hard drive, a GPU from this century, and run software how developers TELL you to run it, you pleb."

I mean you might reasonably argue that 50 or so functions/arguments/methods is a lot of things to include in a "basic introduction" but it's like 1% or less of the total of the stuff in Numpy+Matplotlib+Jupyter+Sympy+Pandas. But it's a 1% that covers a lot of my uses of these tools. So I'm interested to hear what other people think of as the core. And what they wish they had.

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I'm curious what other people find are the tools for matplotlib and Jupyter etc. that they wish they'd found out about sooner. Because I haven't found any tutorial that goes into all this stuff.

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Okay, so in this thread in 51 lines of code I've given examples of using %pylab inline, seaborn, pandas, Numpy random, arange, DataFrame construction by columns, DataFrame column and row extraction, DataFrame methods .boxplot .hist and .plot, xlim, itertuples, mplot32, linspace, dtype, meshgrid, gca, plot_surface, subplot, plot (w/ line and point styles), zeros, .shape, complex math, imshow, …

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@feonixrift me-too-ba-lism

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