The problem with antireductionsts is dealing with their holister-than-thou attitudes.

@stevefoerster Effectively yes, something like that.

Keep in mind that we're looking not just at software, but any work covered by copyright.

But something short of a full copyright assignment, probably more closely resembling a works collective which aggressively pursues false claims of exclusive ownership, is the general outline of what I have in mind.

A few billion-dollar Getty suits would fund and office and legal team adequately, I suspect.

@stevefoerster I suspect you wouldn't be interested in discussing this much further.

I'm thinking of ways in which practices could be useful to maximalising public domain access, or the equivalents, without requiring specific actions by persons feeling as you do.

Not to dive into details, but would that possibility be something you'd appreciate or find acceptable?

re: Why I hate open-plan offices 

Why I hate open-plan offices 

Why I hate open-plan offices 

@sohkamyung Munroe mentions ethyl mercaptan.

The story of how that came to be added to natural gas (which is inherently oderless) to oderise it, is sobering: The New London School, in Texas:

300 souls.

Virtually any safety measure you're likely to encounter is similarly written in blood.

@FLauenroth Agreed.

Though increasingly I find I simply don't have the spoons to try returning multiple times to uncharitable or pedantically misconstrued or points-missed discussions.

If I know the interlocutor somewhat, it's sometimes possible to beg off for a while. With Strangers On The Internet, often not so much.

Though occasionally I can work up the patience:


@dredmorbius @mdhughes It´s never to late to start I´d say. I mean, if I tell you to do X and you say no I wont because it´s <<insert reasoning>> I learned something, can give you some feedback on your conclusion and we both learn sth in the process. More often than not this is more complicated and sometimes heated because of emotions or personal experiences but I mean, we should respect the other side enough to not drag the discussion in the mud and make it a personal thing.

@FLauenroth The notion of revisiting conversations or ideas, and bootstrapping up another level, is accurate and something I've found myself doing increasingly of late (or at least I hope I am).

For outsiders it may seem endless and pointless, but from my view, it's an ever-increasing understanding and appreciation of points, often with subtleties and inconsistencies. I think this is much of what Wittgenstein was about (i've only read small scraps). Ladders.


@FLauenroth This to me is the fundamental distinction between dialectic (truth-seeking) and rhetoric (being right / dogma promotion).

It only took me about 50 years to figure that out (the realisation hit me a few years back). And that these are two fundamentally different and incompatible modes, often confused for one another.

Truth-seeking _has_ to come from a fundamental point of security, which is often lacking. Getting to that point is ... an interesting challenge.


@cypnk we have a couple of these "external - yarn", "external - npm", "external - node", "external - libsass" etc.

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