I'm looking for a new WiFi router, and would strongly prefer:

* GigE Wired: Must
* DD-WRT capable: Must
* PiHole capable: Like
* SNMP monitoring: Like
* 4 ports min, 8 ports maybe.


And, NB, the upstream is slow, < 10 Mb/s. That /might/ get boosted to 100 Mb/s, but doubtful.

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@dredmorbius Frankly, the good point about the Omnia is not the price, it is the freedom (100 % free software *and* free hardware, and a nice community).

@bortzmeyer Yeah, I get that. I was just wondering what the price of freedom :)

I'm interested in the NAS element. Looks as if you can chain storage off the USB connection. /That/ raises some interesting options.

@dredmorbius Because I wanted a packed case, I installed an internal SSD disk instead.

@dredmorbius I use the 1 GB at home (four heavy users, including me) and it works. (Even with a LXC container running PostgreSQL, Icinga, etc)

@bortzmeyer And I'd be really interested in seeing the sorts of hacks this thing might be capable of.

@bortzmeyer Cost-wise, I'm looking otherwise at a Linksys which comes in at ~$170 - $200, so the question is how I justify the extra cost (if the question arises). Management are both penny-pinching (and often unadvisably so) and technically clueless, whilst at the same time doubting my own expertise. That's frustrating.

@bortzmeyer Can you point me to a community page for this? I'm favourably impressed so far.

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