It has come to my attention that Mastodon, and/or OSocial, and/or the Fediverse, are no longer what they once were. They're being flooded by Normals. Or People who Don't Speak my Language. または私のアルファベットを使用しない人。

It's becoming like ... birdland.

Or worse: Facebook.

So, here's a thought for you: Facebook was once literally Harvard.

And whatever you think of FB or Harvard, it most certainly isn't any more. Which is a thought you might want to keep in mind. Because change.


I'm suspect these values are upper bounds, and in the NY Times case, pretty close to the peak, of what someone processing information and having to make /some/ decision or determination based on it -- a post / no-post decision in the case of the Times, a brief, possibly extended, reply in case of Wolfram's email -- might be expected to handle.

And that the true value is probably in the 10 - 100 items range.


@dredmorbius LOL i wouldnt imagine a space alien cat would have such intricate opinions

@Publicvent Space alien cats are quite accustomed to being misunderestimated.

We take it lying down, mostly, because, well, we sleep 14 hours a day.

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