It has come to my attention that Mastodon, and/or OSocial, and/or the Fediverse, are no longer what they once were. They're being flooded by Normals. Or People who Don't Speak my Language. または私のアルファベットを使用しない人。

It's becoming like ... birdland.

Or worse: Facebook.

So, here's a thought for you: Facebook was once literally Harvard.

And whatever you think of FB or Harvard, it most certainly isn't any more. Which is a thought you might want to keep in mind. Because change.



Studies of Internet usage -- Pew Research is a recommended source -- have shown roughly 40 minutes/day of primary social media (FB) use.

Divide that 40 minutes by messages, and you get the time consideration for each message. 10 messages = 4 minutes each. 100 messages = 24 seconds each. More time on one message is less, or none, on the others.

I've found a few citations for daily information consumption by experts, which are interesting.

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