It has come to my attention that Mastodon, and/or OSocial, and/or the Fediverse, are no longer what they once were. They're being flooded by Normals. Or People who Don't Speak my Language. または私のアルファベットを使用しない人。

It's becoming like ... birdland.

Or worse: Facebook.

So, here's a thought for you: Facebook was once literally Harvard.

And whatever you think of FB or Harvard, it most certainly isn't any more. Which is a thought you might want to keep in mind. Because change.


I've also been looking at media, messaging, context, and especially the trade-off between /quantity/ and /attention/, over the past six months or so.

James Gleick: "When inforation is cheap, attention becomes expensive."

dredmorbius: Rivality is the counterpoint of virality.

The distinction between /cardinality/ and /ordinality/ is one I'm increasingly aware of.

Cardinal numbers are the counting set: 1, 2, 3, ...

Ordinal numbers are the ranking set: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...


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