It has come to my attention that Mastodon, and/or OSocial, and/or the Fediverse, are no longer what they once were. They're being flooded by Normals. Or People who Don't Speak my Language. または私のアルファベットを使用しない人。

It's becoming like ... birdland.

Or worse: Facebook.

So, here's a thought for you: Facebook was once literally Harvard.

And whatever you think of FB or Harvard, it most certainly isn't any more. Which is a thought you might want to keep in mind. Because change.


Remember, remember, the Eternal September.

So I'll shout out to the and that ... this is something you really want to be thinking about.

(And yes, if there's a discussion, and I'm aware of though haven't yet signed up for the mailing list, I'll join that.)

Old-school OSocial admins have likely been around the block a few times, though I'll caution /them/ that this isn't the scale they're used to.

And there's a body of research and specialists now with literature.


Follow-up: /while I was writing/ this Tootstorm, an onboarding wizard showed up. Which is really excellent response 😄

I'm not sure we're done here, but that's absolutely movement in the right direction.


@dredmorbius please explain the scoring at the botton this time it's 18/. I love your writing BTW (not sarcastic)

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