Android is killing the one thing on the platform that Does Not Completely Suck:

Android is already a fucking blight on Humanity. It and the rest of Google can DIAF.

I'd REALLY like to see a sane, fully-Linux, sensible hardware keyboard-option tablet. The form factor's wonderful, the execution, OS, and app landscape, on both Android and have been abysmal.

Here's my long-standing feature request:

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@dredmorbius Yeah, I'm with you. Wishing for some Pine- or maybe even better, Fairphone tablet. As you said, tablet form factor is best for reading... (but not much else, IMHO). Would be great if we could recycle Apple hardware, I mean, iPad mini 4 is still viable.

@kirjis As I think that Ello piece gets into the utility of reading. Problem for me is that most reading-only devices (Kindle, other eBooks such as Nook, even the Remarkable tablet):

1. Have grossly insufficient storage.
2. Are (Remarkable excepted) Far Too Small.
3. Aren't active-reading tools.

I'm not just reading for entertainment, but am trying to interrelate complex works. The extant tools for this are ... poor.

Some discussion:*/https://

@dredmorbius Probably not an acceptable solution, but I'm learning to live with a Microsoft Surface Go as my tablet device.

I've also added the WIndows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on to it.

It's acceptable for my needs: a reasonably light tablet that I can read books on (ePUB and PDF), run Firefox and, via WSL, run emacs and other linux tools as I need them.

I use a Fujitsu Lifebook T732 convertible - you can get corporate fleet castoffs on eBay for under $50. With its 12" screen, it's bigger and heavier, but I find it handy enough and it is VERY nice in traditional laptop mode.

Everything works great with Debian. Battery life is only a few hours or so; that's adequate for me. For me, a big factor is the presence of an old school Wacom stylus.

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@dredmorbius I don't currently use Termux, but I'm really tired of this trend of swinging us back into the bad-ol' days of smart terminals.

If I wanted a terminal I'd get a damn terminal:

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