A yacht is a hunting ship:

1550s, yeaghe "a light, fast-sailing ship," from Norwegian jaght or early Dutch jaght, both from Middle Low German jacht, shortened form of jachtschip "fast pirate ship," literally "ship for chasing," from jacht "chase," from jagen "to chase, hunt," from Old High German jagon, from Proto-Germanic *yago-, from PIE root *yek- (2) "to hunt"


so if you're drinking Jagermeister on a yacht, you're doing it right

@dredmorbius OMG. I never made the connection from Yacht to Jagd. Huh...TIL.

@tsturm @dredmorbius while I'm #Dutch and we still have the word 'jacht' for both (though the nautical term is now more commonly used for a pleasure yacht instead), I never made that connexion either!
#TodayILearned indeed! Thanks :)

@tsturm @dredmorbius In Finnish they're the same word, ”jahti”, so the connection has always been obvious to me.

Even to the degree that I've been thinking that this *must* be coincidence (homonym), they mean so different things.

If the real hunting vessels were still called yachts, this false thinking probably wouldn't have happened.

@dredmorbius now i was wondering if the name Iago (as in the antagonist in Othello) is derived from that too:
but it's just the Cornish equivalent to Jacob

@dredmorbius The Swedish word "jakt" means both "hunt/hunting" (noun) and "yacht."

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