@dredmorbius I always read "blocked because they're obviously wrong and I'm obviously right" as "blocked because I'm an idiot". Their loss.

@temporal Oh, I've blocked the odd idiot myself, as well as trolls and griefers.

Also, without any prejudice, people who clearly don't care to see what I have to say.

Blocking's a fundamental right and basic tool. But as with all tools it can still be used foolishly.

@dredmorbius I suppose I grew up past the golden age of Usenet and IRC, so I never was used to K-lining as a thing. I've always considered blocking to be something to use on spammers, scammers, and at a *very* last resort, on normal people.

(Then again, that's probably my FOMO speaking. I feel uneasy about closing doors and removing options.)

@temporal Usenet certainly had killfiles. In general though the community was far smaller and much more self-selected and gatekept (in both good and bad ways) than even relatively small current Internet communities.

I'd discovered the joys of block-early-and-often on Google+, much based on that platform's appeal to advertisers and k00ks.

The formation of numerous largely-mutually-blocking communities was an interesting side effect. Somewhat replicated on Mastodon.

Would you accept that, while money may be an exact measurement of exchange value at a point in spacetime, it is an inaccurate measurement of use value or ecosystem value?

@bhaugen Absolutely.

And to be clear, money is a unit of *account*, not value. The latter was Ben's language.

@bhaugen And "value" is a very problematic term in economics, meaning at least three distinct things: costs (economic, not merely price), exchange value, and use or ownership value.

Much (though not all) economic discussion refers to exchange value, many arguments are over different definitions.


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