For GenZ and younger Millennials: You're living through a time comparable to, possibly more consequential than, 9/11 for the GenX crowd.

Possibly closer to major political upheavals or wars: Fall of USSR WWII, Great Depression.

Your lives will likely be divided into "pre-Coronavirus" and "post-Coronavirus".

Life, institutions, worldviews, life trajectories, politics, personal lives, will change. Quite probably long-term. In unexpected ways I cannot predict.

Pay attention.

@dredmorbius Having been an adult during 9/11... this is nothing like it. This is /way/ more consequential and impactful than it was.

9/11 brought war and the death of millions to the middle east. Even 19 years later the effects are very visible (Syria anyone?). I don't think corona will affect them this much.

@attilakinali @dredmorbius I suspect deaths of millions and multiple regime changes with lasting implications in multiple regions around the globe are exactly what we're looking at. Also, with due apologies since I'm from the USA, 9/11 didn't kill those people; the USA did.

@dredmorbius I am Xennial (born in 1980, neither quite GenX nor Millennial) and I think this is much more significant than 9/11.

Agree. Gen Z is bracketed between 9/11 and Covid. This is the beginning of the next generation.

@dredmorbius I think it'd be very appropriate if an event most likely to spark a 1929-like crash'n'crisis is now seen as the start for the start a New Green Deal.
With sooo many changes.

@tanghus Start planning, and popularising, your platform.

I'd be interested in your proposals.

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