DuckDuckGo Lite / Console Mode improvements

I noticed a day or so back that the Regions and Time selection options have made it to the DDG "lite" ( version.

I use this as a console-mode search engine (something Google doesn't even support any more) via the w3m text-mode browser. It's wonderful for quick lookups.

Screenshot shows the two dialogues, in cyan (cropped from a larger view).

@dredmorbius you can use Google in a console browser, at least in Links and ELinks. Not a great experience but functional.

@bthylafh I can submit a query.

Google sends something back to me.

It includes a great many things.

Clickable links to relevant Web pages are not amongst them.

Using w3m and standard search. E.g.:

I'll note that even *regular* DDG search is usable in w3m, though lite is better.

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