Bruce Schneier has signed on to TBL's "Solid" distributed self-host-capable social media platform company, Inrupt.

This was one of the more interesting (though not yet ready for prime-time) options we looked at in the G+ shutdown migration.

HN discussion:


@dredmorbius I am still at a loss when I try to figure out what Solid actually is/does.

At present it ... 

At present it ... 

At present it ... 

@rysiek @dredmorbius Other than separate VCs from their cash to try to push a standard I'm not sure what this does.

@rysiek @dredmorbius So do you remember back in like 1998 or so when Steve Jobs was doing the hours-long Q/A session before he was officially in a position at Apple again at WWDC and he basically said "Home directories, but, like, on other people's computers, maaaannn, those are the future man."

It's like that, but worse.
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