Advertising Is a Cancer on Society

...Real world advertising is not about informing, it's about convincing. Over time, it became increasingly manipulative and dishonest. It also became more effective. In the process, it grew to consume a significant amount of resources of every company on the planet. It infected every communication medium in existence, both digital and analog. ...

-- @temporal

@dredmorbius @temporal It has also poisoned academia. Students in college are taught how to "sell" their work. Spice it up. Make it more punchy. It's marketing, and it's jarring and doesn't belong. They're taught this at an even younger age, but hearing how my college freshman daughter is being taught sickens me.

@dredmorbius @temporal
Great article.. very comprehensive. But he did miss one point:

* #advertising is an arms race. A supplier may not want to spend money on ads, but is forced when a competitor does so.

@resist1984 Right: Red Queen's race.

There's a great book written at the dawn of the modern advertising age, short, fact-filled, highly readable, by Hamilton Holt, called "Commercialism and Journalism" (1909).

It lays out virtually all the current complaints (though misses political manipulation). Highly recommended.


That's a good example of "tragedy of the commons". But I think the tragedy can be limited by consumers who realize they have a duty to #boycott bad players.

@dredmorbius @temporal

@resist1984 @dredmorbius @temporal I believe there's a lot more to take away from the essay than just the old tragedy of the commons. It's a matter of survival and extinction.

@resist1984 @dredmorbius I did not miss that. It's one of the core points. However, you're like a third person to say that point is not there, which means I failed at communicating it. I'll reword things to make it more explicit. Thank you!

@dredmorbius @temporal The bad thing is that many companies on the internet today don't even give users an option of paying for a service in exchange for not being data mined or seeing advertisements. Their entire business model depends on attracting as many eyeballs as possible by offering something for "free". I shouldn't have to run a PiHole on my home network and force my phone to use an always on VPN connection to the house just to avoid incessant, sometimes malicious advertising.

@gerowen Not only don't they, but many interactions which *do* involve payment are *still* data-mined to the hilt. See the entire credit-card industry, or Amazon, or (as I've recently posted) Apple.

Data-mining is seen as more significant and lucrative than direct-billing. Or as an adjunct to direct billing.

For the eyeball-aggregators, even the _option_ to pay raises complexity and costs -- payment processing itself has major costs and issues (e.g., taxes, support).


@gerowen @dredmorbius @temporal and most of those, who actually take your money will still sell your data or give it to google and co by integrating it's services even in paid products.

@dredmorbius @gerowen @temporal Thanks. Your post did not show up for me. AcitivityPub problem?

@der_On Should work.

If you're on a small instance, it may not have propogated. Dropping the global link (the one I shared above) into your session's Search box should turn it up there. Click that and it'll be imported to your instance (in the far-right pane).

I think.

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@der_On @gerowen @temporal Speaking of which:

Big Telecom Say It Has First Amendment Right to Sell Your Private Data

ISPs say that a law requiring users to opt-in to having their location and financial data sold is a 'burdensome restriction' on their 'protected speech.'

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