A graphene solar shield is not obviously intractable.

is increadibly lightweight, at 0.763 mg/m^2, or 0.763 kg/km^2. A shield capable of blocking 1% of solar flux (1% * 2 * pi * (8000 km)^2) would weigh about 3 million kg, or 3,000 tonne, if comprised of a single graphene layer.

The actual mass budget would be far larger, but based off this minimum with addition of more structure, guidance/station-keeping, and possibly some form of visibility enhancements.



And clarifying: I'm not saying this _will_ work or _is_ a good idea.

I'm only saying that it won't obviously _not_ work.

It's also a very impressive demonstration of just how _immaterial_ graphene is.

The questions of what a practical structure of such effect _might_ look like, and if or how graphene might be treated for reflectivity, or how that would affect the behaviour of any such shield, would be interesting.

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