Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Lost Notebook

...The notebooks have now mostly disappeared, destroyed by Zuckerberg himself. He says he did it for privacy reasons. This is in keeping with sentiments he expressed to me about the pain of having many of his early IMs and emails exposed in the aftermath of legal proceedings. “Would you want every joke that you made to someone being printed and taken out of context later?”...

@dredmorbius Somehow the irony of this continues to elude him. Or maybe not and he's just a hypocrite.

In not-totally-unrelated-news: that page has 34 trackers.

@jonne He's a massive motherfucking hypocrite.

"Privacy is no longer a social norm."

"Zuckerberg buys four new houses for, um, privacy"

Watch what people do. Not what they say.

Especially what they spend $30 million to do.

@dredmorbius That's probably true, but I've been thinking whether he simply changed his mind. It's been pretty clear that people disagreed with him, and that statement was given in 2010.

@jonne Facebook, which is effectively Zuckerberg's personal projection, has consistently played fast and loose with privacy -- trying to have it both ways.

It seeks maximal access to individuals' information, and the right to transact on that.

It seeks minimal access to both Facebook's corporate, and Zuckerberg's own personal information.


This is not unique to the company, but as among the vastest agglomerators of personal data of all time (a role previously held by few select state intelligence bureaux and financial institutions), they represent a maximal extent of this.

The general trait is common throughout Silicon Valley where one frequently cannot enter beyond a lobby without having an NDA demanded.



> It seeks minimal access to both Facebook's corporate,

This would seem consistent with the surveillance capitalist project of the company. If data = value, then guarding it makes total sense.

I would guess that Facebook (and Google) had a big role in changing the Silicon Valley approach to personal data.

@jonne The hypocrisy comes in demanding one set of norms for all others, and another for themselves.

Whilst simulataneously advocating for the set of norms which maximally benefits theselves, and spending decamegabucks walking an entirely different walk from the talk.

Again: FuckerBookErg have been doing this from day motherfucking one.

I'm beyond fucking tired explaining this.

So drop the thread or be blocked.

@dredmorbius Woah, that's a harsh reaction for agreeing with you. Dropping now.

@jonne A very good friend reports having worked at one of the major revolving consumer credit firms in the 1990s. A co-worker was miltary reserve, with intelligence contacts. Hallway conversation: "The intelligence agencies have nowhere near as much information as <MRCCF> does."

And that was two decades ago.

Data storage, transmission, acquisition, and processing costs have all fallen approximately 15,000x since.


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