Day 2: still no building access, and the internet doesn't work properly using ethernet. Fortunately there is wifi.

Hooray, I finally have building access! Now I can go to the toilet whenever I need to!

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Although check out this door handle. The door doesn't shut properly so in order to not have the security alarm go off, you have to pull the door shut. Bets on how long the handle lasts?

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@dredmorbius The whole building? It's temporary but medium-term temporary. It's housing us until a new high-rise is built, which won't be done until after my PhD is completed.


@pelagikat Whomever it is that lets Facilities know Stuff is Borken, needs to let Facilties know Stuff is Borken.

@pelagikat Though how that passed inspection might be inquired of....

@dredmorbius They were saying that the network cabling was getting finished at 4.30 on Friday afternoon, when we were scheduled to move in on Monday morning.

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