Linux hot take: bash bashing 

Linux hot take: bash bashing 

re: Linux hot take: bash bashing 

@woozle Bash is (at least) two things:

1. An interactive command environment.

2. A scripting tool.

The *benefit* of combining these features is that _what you use daily to interact with the system_ is *also* what you can use _for basic system automation tasks_.

In fact you can segue from one to the other through "shell one-liners" and the like. As a consequence, bash is the one programming tool I know best, _simply from daily familiarity_.

The combination also forces compromises.


@woozle You might want to consider what the options of Doing Things Differently might be:

- You could have _no_ globbing. Running quick shell commands interactively would be ... tedious.

- You could put globbing elsewhere -- have individual commands glob by their own logic. DOS variants did this, with the obvious result that ... different commands glob differently. By globbing *in the shell*, expansion occurs *before the command runs.* Commands see the expansion, not the glob.


@dredmorbius @woozle The Amiga had globbing and command-line parameter handling in the commands rather than the shell and it was uniform and it was beautiful, because they all used the same functions in dos.library.
@dredmorbius Good question! I think it never came up. AmigaShell scripts have a facility for receiving parameters using the dos.library command-line parser and some rudimentary control flow, but I think at the point where you wanted to do anything beyond simple batch processing you'd switch to ARexx or C.

@notclacke @dredmorbius… doesn't even mention that Shell would have loops, so I don't think you'd be able to do anything useful with an expanded wildcard.
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