Linux hot take: bash bashing 

Linux hot take: bash bashing 

re: Linux hot take: bash bashing 

@woozle Bash is (at least) two things:

1. An interactive command environment.

2. A scripting tool.

The *benefit* of combining these features is that _what you use daily to interact with the system_ is *also* what you can use _for basic system automation tasks_.

In fact you can segue from one to the other through "shell one-liners" and the like. As a consequence, bash is the one programming tool I know best, _simply from daily familiarity_.

The combination also forces compromises.


@woozle You might arguably have globs match regex patterns. There are ways to achieve this, but the shell itself doesn't.

(There *are* advanced glob patterns, though, should you care to use them. That's an area of bash I'm still not very familiar with.)

Historically, globbing predates regexes, though.

And you could have globs span directory path boundaries. For various reasons, that isn't done. It strikes me as dangerous, especially if you end up with a */../* type pattern.


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