Linux hot take: bash bashing 

Linux hot take: bash bashing 

re: Linux hot take: bash bashing 

@dredmorbius Also, re echoing found-files-first -- I was also thinking that, as long as we're stuck with this convention, it might be a good idea to echo the arguments received first (horizontally), aka "here's what I got -- is this what you really meant?", then the list of matching files (at least as an option, depending on what we're trying to do).

@woozle Readline insert-competions: M-*


$ rm -rf newdir. in case it exists
$ mkdir newdir
$ cd newdir
$ touch foo bar baz

then, WITHOUT hitting <enter>:

$ ls *

Now type <alt>-* (that's what M-*) means

bash now displays:

$ ls foo bar baz

That is your glob expansion.

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