Hey netizens, doing some research, and I'd like to ask you a few questions.

What do you consider to be the biggest threats to online privacy in the world today?

If there were one thing you could have visibility into the practices of, what would it be?

@thegibson I'd break the question into a few parts:

- WHO or WHAT represents a threat? Actors.

- What MECHANISMS does that threat manifest as?

- What ACTIVITIES contribute to this?

- What specific RISKS are prresented?

Possibly a few others, though I'll try to hit on these points.


@thegibson ... Jamal Khashoggi, Jeff Fucking Bezos ... have all had data breached.

The Panama Papers, Mossack Fonseca, Paradise Papers, Implant Files, etc., etc.

Not as devastating as many may have hoped, but painful all the same.

But yes: The Powerful and The Establishment are getting their buts kicked and are paranoid.

And The World's Richest Man can't keep his smartphone secure.

Just ponder that for a few minutes.


Getting their butts kicked? They're get more rich and more powerful, every yearly stat shows it. That is *despite* whatever leak and 'scandal'. No consequence came out of the revealing of their crimes. Also, Vladimir Putin is the richest man on the planet and it seems he kept his shit protected and mostly secret until now.

@zeh Butts kicked in the sense that they cannot control access to devices or exposure of data.

They're susceptible as anyone, largely.

Yes, that may be, but the larger point is that they may be technically vulnerable but not otherwise, not in terms of power. Exposure is not significant to rich people because of their power, they are not impacted much, they do not suffer consequences.

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