Hey netizens, doing some research, and I'd like to ask you a few questions.

What do you consider to be the biggest threats to online privacy in the world today?

If there were one thing you could have visibility into the practices of, what would it be?

@thegibson I'd break the question into a few parts:

- WHO or WHAT represents a threat? Actors.

- What MECHANISMS does that threat manifest as?

- What ACTIVITIES contribute to this?

- What specific RISKS are prresented?

Possibly a few others, though I'll try to hit on these points.


@thegibson For any given entity -- a person, organisation, government, firm, group, mob -- information can inform about the environment, express desire, and provide feedback.

*Information guides intent.*

The first widely used computer systems were used for government census and military fire control. The first acquires information on a dispersed envrionment, the second focuses intent, literally.

Business accounting and modelling were other early uses, both again informational.


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