This is how you create drug pushers (criminal or corporate), or ideological shills, or other promoters of societal evil. It's why poverty is perpetuating:

> John Kapoor insisted that Insys hire sales representatives who were “PHD” — “poor, hungry, driven” or “poor, hungry, dumb”— Alec Burlakoff told the FT and Frontline.

This goes far beyond one criminal opiod manufacturer.


You also reduce the drive of the amoral. You also create the _opportunity_ for the morally-bound to engage in activities which _don't_ provide immediate personal gain, but which _do_ support the Common Weal. The Common Wealth.

Social benefit.

Not to mention all the developmental effects of growing up in poverty which can stunt mental and character development through no fault of the victims.

But you might want to realise that poverty itself serves the interests of oppressors.


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