This is how you create drug pushers (criminal or corporate), or ideological shills, or other promoters of societal evil. It's why poverty is perpetuating:

> John Kapoor insisted that Insys hire sales representatives who were “PHD” — “poor, hungry, driven” or “poor, hungry, dumb”— Alec Burlakoff told the FT and Frontline.

This goes far beyond one criminal opiod manufacturer.


A rather mysteriously vague Year in the Big City, before heading off as one of the founding faculty of an expansion university economics programme at a time when much of the world saw such expansion.

Though most of his published work was through Libertarian organisations. His work -- in natural resources -- was largely on behalf of companies exploiting those. Again, elided in the obit.

In ways, his story isn't unlike that of another Libertarian exponant aready mentioned: Milton Friedman.


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