What are some things that every computer user should learn? What things do you wish every computer user knew? What are some of the biggest benefits that individuals and/or society could reap if computer users learned these things?

Please boost, I honestly want as many serious answers as possible. Feel free to answer variations of the question for different levels of "computer users", such as programmers, office workers who use a computer 4+ hours per day, phone-only users, etc.

@willghatch 1. Computers are tools.

Tools are means to ends. Your computer (desktop, server, laptop, mobile, thermostat) serves _you_ and _your_ goals, though also probably its manufacturer(s), vendor(s), programmer(s), service provider(s), employer(s)/school(s), hacker(s), etc.

Knowing what your goals are, and how they relate to others, helps.

Front of mind should be _what do you want_.

Consider that other entities may not share (or may actively oppose) those goals.


@willghatch Yes, there are tools and steps you can take which are at least partially effective. And if you want to look into those, I encourage you.

But the bigger problem is that this is normal. That it is (usually) legal. That it is allowed. That it is expected. That it is considered ok.

And that's the real problem here.

There are new privacy laws -- GDPR in Europe, CCPA in California, others elsewhere.

There are groups fighting for privacy: the EFF, EPIC, ACLU, Privacy Int'l.


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