A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being “released” 

@tastytea Fact remains that what's publicly accessible will all but certainly be accessed. And much of Mastodon postings *is* public.

I'm not addressing the moral, ethical, or research dimensions. And I honestly don't know where GDPR falls on this. But access to public (and private) content can be highly socially beneficial, see and generally.

It's also been a huge part of the work *against* resurgent fascism and media manipulation, and others.

@dredmorbius @tastytea

I guess, but honestly it still feels pretty creepy to me.

What measures were/are in place to prevent them from helping themselves to stuff I specifically locked or sent as DMs? Anything? Thanks in advance.

@xenophora An honestly good question.

"Intent" would be a large part of that. Posting publicly (or unlisted) *provides access to anyone to read*. Posting "followers only" (a pretty bad design option, honestly, given that *anyone* can follow an account, unless locked), or DM, would be a *strong signal* of intent that "this is not public".

A huge problem is that people really don't get this or think like this, at least in many cases. Which argues against the rule, not the people.


@dredmorbius @xenophora @tastytea IMO the default should be self destructing posts unless explicitly marked as permanent. i feel this would closer match how people seem to expect social posting to work. as close as tou can get, anyway, since people’s mental models of how this work are highly self contradictory.

@dredmorbius @xenophora @tastytea as valuable as old posts are, and how annoying it is to see an awesome old post or thread disappear, that should be weighed against the potential harm of old postings being discovered from years ago and pulled out of context to ruin people’s lives. it’s a nice weapon against those in power… sometimes. but it’s much more potent against vulnerable people.

@zensaiyuki And *really smart people* have been *absolutely wrong* about the potential negative use of infotech. Herbert Simon very pointedly, claiming the Nazis operated without "mechanized data processing":



But they didn't: ibmandtheholocaust.com/

@xenophora @tastytea

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