My new hobby is inventing things, which I immediately discover already had been invented

@cypnk I view that as validation. There's not much which *hasn't* been considered at some point.

The idea was valid, feasible, and worthwhile.

Eventually, you'll find yourself proving new ground, coming up with ideas or designs which don't seem known.

For myself, it's been coming up with ideas and discovering (often years, sometimes decades later) that they'd been previously conceived.

The more obscure, the better. I'm on the right track.


@cypnk Truly original ideas are *very* rare.

If you're not doing well, you'll think of something that's obviously crap. That's generally a Bad Sign, and if you find a bunch of refs to why this is Really Stupid ... take heed.

Better is discovering that there's a thriving enterprise / business.

If you're exploring conceptual topics, the further back and more obscure a validation, the better. You're treading on uncommon ground.

Most ideas are discovered multiple times independently.

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