On curation...

TL;DR: Let the BOTYs hit the floor!

Thinking through a reading / research journal (and seeking names), how I'd organise that vs. Zettlekasten / /

Thinking that a periodic set of BOT[WMQY] pages / lists would be good. That is: Best of the (week|month|quarter|year).

I see a tremendous amoung of content flow past me, most I miss. Standard capture systems (bookmarks, Pocket, etc.) are Massive Fails.

The notion of time-segmented capture ... has appeal.


The problem with almost all capture systems is that they just ... accumulate.

With a BOTY, you:

- Indicate items of the current period.
- You Get to Fucking Move On. Rather than just accumulating, the list starts anew on the next period.
- Every so often, you roll up to the next period. This is ... similar to some technical logging systems (syadmins / DevOps people will know this from Munin and related). You don't want to capture _everything_, only the _best of_ the period.



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@dredmorbius Also anytime you're expected to put things (like bookmarks) in categories or folders or something it doesn't age well. Nevermind the mental burden of thinking what cat the thing belongs to, a category that makes sense one day may not 6 months l ater.

The ideal primary vector to organize things on is time. It's universal, it's automatic, and our minds are already accustomed to it.

Add tags and good search and voila. At least that's my current thinking on the topic.

@teleclimber Another key notion is that for books, that is, _physical objects_, you need some form of _shelving logic_. That is, a schema by which you can place (and locate) physical volumes in space.

Digital storage bypasses (or at least abstracts) that case -- our HCIs don't rely on physical storage, but other handles. So _single_ classification isn't critical.

The as-yet-unlaunched blog mentioned briefly in my BOTI Diaspora post is waiting in part on a useful set of such hooks.

@teleclimber Some human specified, but more generated with at least some machine-assistance, probably as part of the publishing process (I'm looking at SSG blogging engines, Makefiles, and All That Jazz).

This also means that keyword-based search may prove limited, though I'm also looking at how to address that.

Identifying and tagging specific references -- dates, places, people, documents (books/audio/video), themes, concepts, etc., and generating indices to these, should be a component.

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