Pro tip:

Memes that immediately polarize any two target groups are likely manufactured to manipulate social attitudes and stop the opposed groups from finding commonalities, and breaking down avenues of communication.

You should consider seeking values that bind us, not issues that divide us.

@thegibson We know for a fact that malicious actors (*glances at Russian government*) are actively working to undermine powerful democracies by creating political division. The most effective mechanism they have for this is creating fake accounts on social media and using them to spread divisive memes and discourse. If you contribute to this, you are complicit in the weakening of global democracy. Reach across the aisle, agree to disagree, and work with other people.


@alexbuzzbee In b4 the "ache fews" crowd:

Yes, the Internet Research Agency is absolutely guilty of this, and high awareness of epistemic techniques goes back to Lenin ("First sieze the telegraphs").

They're not the only ones, however. The US's COINTELPRO archives are online ( and show tactics used _within the US_ in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. That's supposedly Not Done Anymore, though there are clearly actions abroad (Shrub and WMD, others).


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