I would totally pay a global tax to the UN to get access to a truly free internet run by them. And I would even pay tenfold to give that same freedom to nine people I don’t know and who might be totally against my values. 1/2

@dredmorbius and I’m on your side. So let’s move onward. Find better solutions. Expose the failures. Iterate. Look forward.

@jwildeboer So, a couple of approaches I try to use:

1. Establish common ground or agreement.

2. Identify concerns or disagreeent.

3. Seek to expand 1 and shrink 2.

Which follow.

@jwildeboer A first question might be:

What problem are you trying to solve?

E.g., what's wrong with present systems? What do you want to do?

@dredmorbius I’ve said that in this very thread three times. We. Need. Global. Governance. For. Global. Problems. And our current systems do not deliver, as you pointed out. So. What’s next?

@jwildeboer "Global governance" is a means. "Global problems" is ... a problem _domain_.

The reason(s) for choosing the specific means isn't given.

Nor (at least directly) is the _ends_, the goal-state you're seeking to reach.

Consider that you're getting flustered addressing a relatively friendly audience here. Consider the circumstance of a more hardened adversary.

(Which presumes rational argument is effective, but for the sake of, er, argument, I will.)

@dredmorbius tell me about your solutions to the questions I’m asking. I tried to sketch mine.

@jwildeboer We're at a bit of an impass.

Unless your problem is "I want to build a hammer house using hammers", then it's not clear to me what _your_ rationales for choosing your method(s) are.

Again: I start from _problem_ moving through _desired state_, assessing _possible paths_ and _potential partners_, to _methods_. And complete with an assessment / post-mortem of the process.

You seem to be starting at methods. This is ... not particularly natural for me.

With the exception ...

@jwildeboer ... possibly, of having found myself with a _particularly good general set of tools_ that seem to apply themselves widely to a broad set of problems.

Aristotle's Organon, Bacon's Novum Organon.

A set of modular shell tools and scripting languages for a range of computing problems. Basic, adaptable, chefs tools for cooking.

Global unified government is fairly advanced and specific. It's ... oh, say, kind of the systemd of job schedulers, syslogs, or ntp daemons.

@jwildeboer The human race solved numerous social and political challenges from the Dawn of Time until roughly 26 June 1945, with lesser tools. Not always, and not perfectly, but generally sufficiently (except of course where it didn't).

Again: what is/are the problems you're trying to solve? What's the state you'd like to arrive at?

Or are hammers and hammer-houses intrinsically good?

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