Times I've invoked Google Chrome's "Pull to Refresh" page:


Times I've done so intentionally:


Times I've lost state invoking Google Chrome's "Pull to Refresh Page":


Times I've wished Firefox's Android performance was sufficient to be able to ditch Chrome:


Times I've wished for a viable tablet full-Linux Android alternative:


@dredmorbius Well, there's still the option of using an old school tablet PC with a traditional GNU/Linux distribution on it. My preference is old school convertible laptop, but there are also slates.

I've tried Android tablets, but they're garbage for my uses. Debian has the software I want, and trying to run that stuff on that clunky Debian/Android app is pathetic.

@isaackuo I've never found sufficiently compelling HW. What have you used / would you like?

@dredmorbius My favorites are Fujitsu Lifebook T732/T734. They're a bit thick for a tablet, but for a convertible the traditional laptop weight distribution is good. That's because I use them in laptop mode almost all the time when I'm not stylus drawing. A great sub-$50 option off eBay.

For a slate, I've used Motion Computing J3500, but it's much thicker than non-rugged tablets.

For a thin tablet, though, I like Microsoft Surface Pro 1st or 2nd gen (old school Wacom and boot options).

@isaackuo Can you get Linux on the Surface?

I'd seen the HW and been impressed.

@dredmorbius I know for sure that you can do a traditional GNU/Linux install on Surface Pro 1 or 2. I haven't checked on the more recent models, because only the first two have the features I desire - old school Wacom stylus and smaller 10 inch size.

The first gen Surface Pro has been criticized for comparatively poor battery life, but I know it's perfectly adequate for my use case. Unfortunately, it's hard to search specifically for the first gen Surface Pro on eBay.

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