To and other : How to find people and be found.

ENGAGE. Toot, respond, boost.

The best way to see, be seen, and engage, is, well, to get out, look for things, and be visible.

DON'T over-share. 1-10x daily? Pretty good. 10-100x daily? Excessive. Less than a few times a month? Where'd you go?

Hashtags. Use them AND search them. Search tags you used for others with like interests.

Be human. Self-promotion, rudeness, single-topic obsession, goes badly.

A trick for spreading engagement: boost responses to your own toots, particularly for good discussions. Those will help others find the discussion, and give visibility to the participants.


Hmmm.... But isn't this feeding into the same culture of seeking validation from visibility? I thought we were supposedly evolving beyond that now...

@shubhamboseroy I'm really NOT an advocate of visibility for its own sake. I'm looking at and trying to help those who want to use new media forms to reach others both constructively and effectively for conversation.

The key message is that you do need to be active, and that self-serving activity only (posting, tooting your own horn, not commenting on others threads, not answering replies to your own) doesn't tend to create close links. It's not about size.

And conversation scales modestly.

@shubhamboseroy You could invert my advice to find what doesn't work:

- Posting nothing. You are invisible to the system. A registered user, but nothing more.

- Posting only, without engaging. You're now a street barker or a blaring megaphone. You are making noise, but not contributing discussion.

- Posting with extreme frequency. Now you're drowing out others. The rational response is to mute your profile or move it to a limited-reach space.

- Not seeking out like interests....

@shubhamboseroy ... You'll miss out on discussions and people with common interests. If those interests are at any remove from mainstream and mass culture, you're going to have trouble finding each other already, why make it harder?

That last especially is why I tend to boost specific questions on obscure topics or communities *even if I've little interest in them myself*, as those are the kinds of connections which are frustratingly difficult to make.

- Not using hashtags should be simple...

@shubhamboseroy ... Here you're denying yourself reach to anyone on what is clearly a shared interest.

Again: there are mainstream/trending tags, and there's everything else. I tend to spend my time more on the long-tail end of things, with occasional forays into the Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist-as-concept (metazeitgeist?) is generally more interesting to me than _whatever happens to be the current fad or fashion_ itself.

The newbie problem on much social media is often "this is noise, were are...

@shubhamboseroy ... my people / my interests?" Unfortunately, there's a fairly narrow band between "not enough" and "way too much". Our brains focus on about 50-150 people, we can follow 10-30 topics over a period of time, and conversations tend to be best with somewhere between about 3-30 people (5-15 is the sweet spot IMO), before what's happening really isn't meaningful or useful.

At the same, all the commotion _just beyond_ is incredibly distracting.

I'm NOT speaking to marketing ...

@shubhamboseroy ... advertising, self-promotion, and the rest. Much of that is heavily dependent on volume, repetition, mass reach, and mass scale. It's also immensely disruptive to actual conversation. I shut that down hard myself.

Again: If you want to find like minds and real conversation, try posting at least a few times a week, less than 100x daily (with occasional exceptions), using available signposts, and seeking real engagement yourself.

Fairly simple, really.

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