I wish nobody used #reCaptcha. Not only does it forces users to allow Goggle to run scripts in their browser, making users do unpaid mechanical turking for Goggle is just rude. If it contributed to a data commons, like training free code AI, I would't mind so much.

@dredmorbius the thing is, despite my critique of Goggle and their reCaptcha, captcha do serve a legitimate need. Like most sites that allow open sign-ups, CoActivate.org (hosts of my Disintermedia blog and wiki) is constantly bombed by spam bots setting up projects and seeding them with linkspam. Unless we close sign-ups, or require a human to troll through them manually, we need some mechanism for distinguishing between humans and bots. At the moment our system isn't very effective :(

@strypey The question, ultimately, is trust.

ReCaptcha is one mechanism. It is not the _only_ mechanism.

It fails to stop many of the bad guys. It stops many of the good guys. And it feeds bad behaviour and privatises workfactor.

I think we can do better.

@dredmorbius preaching to the choir brother ;) See the rest of the thread that branched off from my OP.

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