A certain site has gotten aggressive and prolific with its video pre-rolls. And my DNS adblock presently fails blocking those. skips that shit, however.

I checked how long it took me to realise that the vid was starting with an ad and pause it: 1.15 seconds.

Dear Advertisers: that's all the time you're gonna get.

I foresee .

I'm not yet defaulting to searching as perceived results relevance is slightly less. But it's damned close.

Also: I really dislike advertising.

I REALLY dislike advertising.

The tools I have say this (if they allow me to let them). I block the motherlovin hell out of them. I have rejected entire classes of media (e.g., commercial TV & radio) largely on account of these. Hell, I barely tolerate public media sponsorship spots.

If you advertise, it's virtually always an *anti*-quality signal. If you stalk me, all the worse.

Your metrics may say otherwise, but I suspect bias at play.

Continuing to pursue me after all this is a Really Bad Idea.

(The times my opinion of a brand has changed, for the negative, after exposure to or awareness of ads, is ... large.)

Yes, there's a place for informational content. Let me come to it, rather than cramming down my throat, eyeballs, ears, nose, navel, rectum, and urethra. Really.

@dredmorbius I know for myself, ads are less likely to make me want to buy a product. Not sure if this is the same for anyone else.

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