@freakazoid So, dynamics can turn up in various forms. I've tried (unsuccessfully) to catalogue the in the past.

There's fiat or imposed value, as with coin. Also with transjurisdictional standards, such as divorce law and shipping registries ("flags of convenience"). Whatever the *minimum* acceptable *somewhere* is, is acceptable *everywhere*.

There's effective perceived value -- Mencken's "Brayard", or consumer technologies, or bicycles.

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@freakazoid I think that's most of the cases I've encountered.

A fun little exercise is running the query "a gresham's law of" or "a kind of gresham's law" in Google Books and seeing what turns up.

Examples: Divorce law, shipping regulations, environmental regulations, morals / ethics, neighbourhoods, legal citations, academia, students. It's a diverse and interesting list.

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